Saturday, February 9, 2008

Unforgettable Trip in Sri Lanka - Part III

Next day morning, I took a stroll around the area just outside the hotel to take some pictures of the surrounding before the breakfast.

The food sold in a small restaurant outside the hotel.
buns in cafe

Roti canai stall outside the small restaurant.
roti prata store

Along the way, I saw this guy is selling breads for breakfast on the street.
man selling breads

The army stationed just outside my hotel. His left hand is holding a small STOP signboard to stop any vehicles as he likes. There is a gun slung across his chest. I dare not to go in front to take his photo. Pardon me!
army on the street

We had a meeting with the customer, Sri Lankan Navy at 9.30am. After the meeting, we have to started our LONG journey to the navy base at the east of Sri Lanka in Trincomalee. We were told that the journey would take about 6 hours and we are going to have our lunch half way through the journey and we are going there by a VAN.

A quarter way through the journey, we stopped at this restaurant, AMBEPUSSA Rest House, to have our late lunch. This restaurant was serving buffet lunch.
restaurant sign

The outlook of the rest house.
highway rest

My lunch!
highway lunch

Throughout the journey to Trincomalee, I felt that the driver was driving really fast and recklessly, seems like he was in a hurry. He did some crazy overtaking as you can see in the photos at below. Most of the time, I squirmed and closed my eyes when he did the overtaking. There was a higher chance of dying due to the crashing of the van than being attacked by Tamil Tigers.
crazy driving3

He saw the bus was coming but he still wanted to try.
crazy driving1

This time, the driver tried to pull off another 'stunt', i.e. overtaking 3 vehicles in one shot and the best part is he cannot see if there is a vehicle coming at the opposite direction! What a thrill which I don't need!
crazy driving2

I have to stop for a breather here...


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