Friday, February 22, 2008

Feng Yu Tong Lu/风雨同路


This song is dedicated specially to you and our friendship.

What more could I ask for to have you as a friend!

Thanks for the support you are giving me all this while.

I hope I could replicate the effort.

Please enjoy the song. The singer of this song is Guang Liang (光良), a Malaysian.

Hope you understand the meaningful lyric and like the song.

Take care and be happy!

bing zhe jian ying jie zhe tiao zhan
(Shoulder by shoulder we face the challenges)

gong xian bi ci lei he han cong bu wei zhuang
(We truly support each other through the bad time)

bu yao hai pa ni zou de huan man
(Don't afraid that your pace is slow)

zong you yi tian hui dao
(One day you will reach)

xia yi ge xing fu de che zhan
(Reach the next stage where you will find the happiness in life)

风雨路 我们携手共渡
feng yu lu wo men xie shou gong du
(We go through the hardship hand in hand)

三色石 牵绊不了进度
san se shi qian ban bu liao jin du
(The obstacles won't stop us from moving forward)

ping zhe ge zi jian chi yu ling wu
(With perseverance and understanding)

gan shou hu xiang fu chi de xing fu
(We relish the joy of mutual support)

漫长路 庆幸你我同步
man chang lu qing xing ni wo tong bu
(We shall go through the long winding road together)

san ye cao pei ban zhe bu qie bu
(Although the journey is full of challenges but we would still move forward)

bu tong li nian he fang shi hu bu
(Even though our thinking and lifestyle are different but we still support each other)

pu zao yi tiao shu yu wo men jiao ao de dao lu
(and we will lead a life which we both proud of)


Anonymous,  February 23, 2008 at 4:13 PM  

Hey, thanks for the song and I really appreciate it. Only through difficult times we actually grow.

tango February 23, 2008 at 7:41 PM  

ya, and we will grow stronger.

Keep in touch ya!

Take care.

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