Friday, February 15, 2008

Unforgettable Trip in Sri Lanka - Part V

This is the last part of my unforgettable journey to Sri Lanka. The photos which I am going to share at below are some of the photos I took when I was back in Colombo. Due to the flight condition, I have to stay in Colombo for two more days before departing Colombo at the night of 4th-Feb.

On the way back from Trincomalee, we stopped to relieve ourselves at this small but clean VIP spot. This building mainly consists of male and female restrooms. As there is no highway, like North-South highway in Malaysia, in Sri Lanka, you need to take the normal roads to go from one place to another there.
trunk road toilet

Through the help of the hotel concierge, I and my colleague hired a van and a driver to take us to Kandy for a day trip. We had been told that Kandy is a beautiful place and worths a visit. It is located at the mid-south of Sri Lanka, about 100KM away from Colombo. We paid the driver 8000 Sri Lanka Rupees (about RM280).

First stop of the trip was elephant ride. We paid 2500 Rupees (about RM80) each person to ride an elephant for 30 minutes and bathing the elephant. For me, that was quite expensive! But after second thought, I bought the ride because this is the first time I get to ride on an elephant and it will definitely be a lifetime experience. The elephant will take us to the nearby paddy field and come back. However, the elephant riding was an butt-aching experience. Barely 5 minutes after the ride started, I felt that my backside was very uncomfortable and I have to keep adjusting my sitting position to reduce the pain! I told myself that luckily we did not buy the 45-minutes package. How could I withstand the pain in the 'a$$' for 45 minutes?!

elephant ride

After lunch, the driver took us to the Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic of Buddha in Kandy. The temple is also called Sri Dalada Maligawa temple. It has been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 1988. You can see the outside of the temple in the photo at below.
temple of tooth

I took this photo in Kandy town. The body of the man is a bit distorted due to the characteristic of the wide angle lens I guess.
man sitting at shop

4th-Feb is the independence day of Sri Lanka. National flags, big or small, can be seen everywhere on the street in Colombo.
building with flag

The man is selling prawn and crab fritters. I guess it is something like the pasembur in Penang.
man selling fritters

This is a mosque. Beautiful, isn't it?! It is called Jami-ul al-far Jummah Masjid. This unique color of the mosque attracted my eyes when I went past it in a car one day. I told myself that I have to come back here to take a few photos of it when I am free. So, I walked for about 1.5KM from my hotel to this mosque. We rarely see a mosque in Colombo because 75% of population in Sri Lanka are Buddhist.
mosque interior

Sri Lankan people are quite friendly. They like to regard the foreigners as their friends and the first thing they always say to a foreigner is, "Hey, my friend!". On the way to the mosque, this group of people who stood on top of the building yelled at me.
hey my friend

The plane was descending into KLIA. A sea of clouds and the morning sunlight are a perfect match for a great photo!

Good morning, Malaysia!

I am finally back!!!


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