Sunday, February 10, 2008

Unforgettable Trip in Sri Lanka - Part IV

So, the wild ride continues.

Half way through the journey, we stopped at this small town, Dambulla, to buy some snacks and water. Van 5973 was the van which we were taking.

There was a bus bombing happened in this town on 1st-Feb 2008. The first photo at below was taken when we made our stop on 30th-Jan. We heard of this news on 2nd-Feb when we were already back in Colombo. I was thinking...That was close!

The news report by AFP.


Before the journey was started, we were told that there is a jungle (See the photo at below) which we need to go through before dark. That's why we need to start the journey as early as possible so that we could make it. It takes roughly 2 hours to go through the jungle before reaching the naval base. There are wild elephants roaming around in the jungle and the elephants might cross the road at night.
We actually saw a few wild elephants roaming around when we went through the jungle. There were some westerners actually went there to watch the elephants like in Africa.

going thru jungle

This journey started at around 12.30am in Colombo and we only made it to the naval base at 8.00pm. It took us nearly 8 hours to cover around 200KM from the west to the east of Sri Lanka!!! I could not believe that. We only need maximum 2 hours in Malaysia to cover that distance on North-South highway. By the time, I stepped down from the van, I felt that my whole body was aching, my butt was aching and my head was spining. All in all, our van was stopped 20 times (Yes, 20!!!) by the army at their checkpoints. Luckily, there was a navy officer came with us from Colombo. Otherwise, I am not sure how we were going to make it to Trincomalee. At every stop, what he did was showing his navy ID card and we would get the go-ahead.

Army checkpoint.
This checkpoint serves like a gateway to enter a small town. Every vehicle getting in or out of the town is required to stop at this checkpoint to sign-in or sign-out.
P1110986 copy

This was the 'hotel' which we stayed in the naval base. There is a signboard at the entrance indicated that this house is the 'Forest side Holiday Bangalow'. But, you are wrong. We were not there for any holiday. We were there to work. I would not want to stay in a naval base bangalow for any holiday!
However, the air there is very fresh and cool at the morning and I can even hear the birds chirping on the tree every morning. I think I saw a wild deer at one of the morning there. The feeling is so nice when I open the door and walk out to the courtyard. How I wish I have a house like this!

courtyard in

The courtyard. Nice and clean landscape.

The living room. The size is just nice.
living room

The bedroom with the mosquito net. My bed is on the left.

Grabbing a quick bite for lunch.
having lunch

My lunch! I have one big piece of chicken, potatoes, mixed salads and some vegetables. The food here tastes much better than the food in the hotel, believe me!
bungalow lunch

We stayed at the naval base for two nights and left the base on 1st-Feb for Colombo.


SL Traveller NO 2,  February 11, 2008 at 11:01 PM  

hehehe!! nice picture of food worrr... hahahaa... was it on the floor? :P hahaha

tango February 12, 2008 at 1:01 PM  

Hi SL traveller no 2,

Yes, you are right. I need to place the dish on the floor to get more light.

Anonymous,  October 28, 2009 at 1:42 AM  

Hi, just wondering if 'Forest Side' in Trincomalee, had a sign over a gate that said 'Forest Side'. My uncle was here with the Royal Navy in 1943.

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