Friday, January 11, 2008

Sunset in Sungai Burung

The sky was really pouring when we reached Balik Pulau town to meet up with my fellow colleagues on the way to Sungai Burung to shoot the sunset last Sunday. So, we stopped by the Balik Pulau town for laksa and nutmeg drink while waiting for the rain to stop. Eventually, the rain stopped and we continued with our journey. However, when we reached there, the sky was still cloudy and it was not time to shoot the sunset. So, I came up with the idea of shooting backlighting, instead of shooting sunset. The result is not that good but this is the best photo (refer to bottom photo) which I managed to capture on this trip. Sungai Burung is the right place to watch a magnificent sunset if you love to see the sun going down the horizon. The place gives you a feeling of you standing right at the edge of the world and watching the sun going down. Please refer to the top photo. Sometime, the change of the sky and clouds during the sunset would make you in awe. I will be back there many more times to capture my 'dream' sunset!


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