Monday, December 31, 2007

Emergency lanes are not safe for motorists

When the emergency lanes are not safe for the motorists, what is it for then?! Some peoples actually suggested that you cannot park your car on the emergency lanes when your car stalled or broke down because the emergency lanes are meant for the ambulance or fire engines ONLY. I was thinking how we could move my car to a safer place when our cars broke down half way on the north-south highway. Anyhow, you will have higher chance of getting killed if you parked your stalled vehicle at the emergency lane. That is an undeniable fact now! On my recent trip to Ipoh to attend my colleague's wedding, I saw a few stalled vehicles stopped at the emergency lane on the way. Without realizing the dangerous situation they were in, the passengers of one of the stalled cars just sat and wait next to their car to hide from the sun. How dangerous that is! So, if your car broke down on the north-south highway and you have to park the car at the emergency lane (because you cannot push your car to a safer place), you must wait for the mechanic at a safe distance from your car. Please wait behind the railing by the road and not stand around your car to chit-chat. Happy and Safe 2008!


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