Saturday, November 13, 2010

CSL Spice MI700 Droidpad review

CSL was doing a promotion on its latest Droidpad (Spice MI700) now (from 11-14 Nov 2010) in Gurney Plaza, Penang. On 13-Nov, they did a product introduction for 20 bloggers in Penang. I was lucky to be one of the 20 bloggers who participated in this event.

OK now, let's talk about this new gadget. Naturally, I will compare it with iPad, the hottest gadget in town at this moment.

As the name suggested, it is powered by Android 2.2. This device is your tablet PC and mobile phone in one go at RM1599. If you buy the set during the promotion period, you will get a bluetooth headset, 4GB memory card for free and an extended 6 months of warranty.

Here is my verdict of this device.

- Price competitive. Only RM1599.
- It is both WIFI and HSDPA 3.5G capable. You cannot get this feature combination on a iPad at this price.
- Built-in GPS chip-set. (But I wonder if you need to this feature if you are using it in a Starbuck.)
- Able to make phone calls. You cannot do that on a iPad!

- Smaller screen. Nowadays, people wants both big screen and also portability.
- low screen resolution compared to iPad.

This is the real device here! It comes with 7in full capacitive touch screen.

It looks cool! Cooler than iPad? Your choice!

Quite thin. 179.4mm to be exact. Weight is 410g. I feel it is light enough when I hold it in my hand. It also comes with a pouch.


Everyone gave 100% attention to the product introduction. Some did not forget to snap photo of the new kid on the block for their blog I think.

This proved that you can take a decent photo with this device. It comes with a 3.0 megapixels with auto focus!

The green giant of the show who trying hard to attract the crowd. A gal attraction.

The most exciting (and nail biting) moment for the bloggers. We had to pick one blue bag from the ladies if we answered a question from the MC. There is one MI700 Droidpad in one of these blue bags. The chance was 1 over 20.

Ya, I was not the lucky one who walked away with the Droidpad. This lady is. Congratulation to her!


GG November 14, 2010 at 11:48 PM  

i would get it, if it's <1k or lower than 1.2k, RM1.5k is a bit pricey

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