Monday, October 25, 2010

Hong Kong Revisit

It was as if I was meeting an old friend who always give me a mixed feeling whenever we meet. Hong Kong is a destination where I familiar with yet, every time I visit her, she renewed herself to welcome me warmly. This time, more and more shopping complexes had been built in the hope of quenching the insatiable appetite of those shoppers compared to the last visit I made to this city. Thanks God because He has answered our prayer of good weather. We had good weather during this trip although the weather forecast reported that there would be scattered rain for the whole trip. Light rain only came on a day before we left. Humidity was good also compared to the time when I was here last September. As a metropolitan and key finance center of Asia, Hong Kong has naturally attracted a lot of people from different countries in the world to work and live here which created a diversified culture here. So, in order to feed these people, a lot of restaurants which serve authentic food from different countries are opened here. All these have made Hong Kong a food haven. However, I still love the local Hong Kong food more than anything else., especially the dim sum and desserts. So, it is also about food every time when I make a visit. The other favorite activities I enjoy doing there are window shopping and watching people. Watching people is a natural thing to do here since Hong Kong packs about 7 millions people in such a small and limited land and you would see a crowd any way you turn your head. Nobody can get away from doing shopping when in Hong Kong. I am no exception but I only managed to buy two cotton t-shirts for HKD150 in this trip. I also wondered how this could be possible. :D
OK. Enough of nonsense for now. Let's see the photos I took during this trip. I only picked a few for your viewing pleasure. I might be making next trip here very soon at one of these weekends to get myself out of Penang again. Who knows?!

To view the complete set of photos, please go to this link

Star Ferry

Look at me!

From Hong Kong with love


I got style.







Love the food there

When is the next trip?


GG November 3, 2010 at 3:47 PM  

my lesson learned is - just try whatever food available as long as u have money in your pocket, it feels better when u discover a nice food rather than just following the book. Btw... 兰芳园dissapoints me.

tango November 9, 2010 at 3:26 PM  

ya, agreed. The travel book is just in case you running out of idea of where to dine.

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