Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mono Hanoi

Hanoi is a destination where I would visit again but not in the near future I guess. It is less developed than Ho Chi Minh city and quite dusty.

To me, it is an interesting city, especially the Old Quarters area. You need two to three nights just to skim the surface of the Old Quarters and more nights in order to fall in love with this area.

One thing I always do when traveling is to observe how people there lives their daily life and the Old Quarters is the perfect place for that purpose.

I spent about RM1200 for the whole trip including the air tickets. RM610 on the air fares and another RM600 on food and accommodation. We changed 3 hotels during this one week trip. The first hotel is a bit far away from the Hoan Kiem Lake where all the activities happen around it and the area around this hotel is not as happening at night. The second hotel refused to reduce the room rate to what they had promised. Actually, it was a mis-communication between the morning and afternoon shift staffs of that hotel. The afternoon shift staff promised us that the room rate is USD18 whereby the morning shift staff insisted that the room rate is USD20 per night. We felt cheated and decided to move although we only paid USD18 per night. Finally, we settled in a hotel which is two blocks away from the Lake and next to a morning wet market. You could have spent less on food if you are really adventurous and would like to try to roadside hawker food there.

I would like to do a longer trip next time. Maybe go to Sapa and also a road trip to one of the cities nearby.




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india leng lui,  March 18, 2009 at 10:23 AM  

hahahahaa! how lar u capture the sleepy lady....

i wonder the next time, if u ever capture someone throw something to u.... just before the thiing hit the camera..

tango March 24, 2009 at 11:13 PM  

thanks, donny.

india leng lui, I would still be able to capture it before he/she throws.

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