Monday, October 6, 2008

Singapore Trip '08

I can't really remember when was the last time I went to Singapore for leisure purpose. The last time was probably 12 years ago. In between, I did go back there for business trips. Last trip was maybe 2 years back. This time, I decided to make a short visit there again because I got a free stay there, free MRT tickets and free dinners. Hahaha...
To me, Singapore is a place where I would get bored after staying there over a weekend. I feel no difference this time. I was running out of ideas of where to visit after two nights. Nothing much has changed here since my last visit, except for one or two new shopping malls and some new MRT exits (which made me lost my sense of direction for a few seconds) at some of the MRT stations which I frequently used last time. I always feel that Singapore lacks the element of surprise and its uniqueness as a country for a tourist like me, probably because of the excellent town planning there. You can always imagine what you are going to see before going to a place over there. Local food there is also the last thing which would impress me, except for the Hainan Chicken rice there. However, it is still feel good to make a visit there once in a long while to visit some old friends and to see how neat and clean the city is.
If the 'free' package is still available next January, I might consider making a visit again...hahaha...











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