Monday, March 17, 2008

Insa-Dong (Korea Trip 2008)

I went to Seoul for a business trip recently. Spent 11 days there. During the weekend, I decided to explore a place which I have not been before in Seoul. So, Insa-Dong came to my mind. Exploring new places, and of course experience the local food, are what I used to do when out there during the weekend.
Insa-Dong is about 15 stations away from my hotel. It is not easy to get your way around the subway in Seoul. There are so many lines on the map with different color codes and normally I need to stand in front of the subway map for a few minutes to sort out the color of the line which I need to take and the interchange which I need to get down and the next line I need to get on and the station which I finally need to get off.

Generally, I noticed that Korean likes to have their winter coat in dark and grey color.

Hold me tight! (and you reach your destination safely)


Insa-Dong is a street which lined with dozens of art gallerises and shops selling handicrafts and antiques. The main street is called Insadong-gil. This street is full of people because no vehicular traffic is allowed on this street on the weekend.

The trees are all bald in the winter.

However, I like the shadow of the branches on the wall of shop. It is like a painting on the wall.

She is cute, isn't she?!

This was my lunch I had in Insa-Dong. The main dishes are grill Mackerel (My favorite dish!) and Kimchi-jeon or Kimchi onion pan cake. Everything on this table costs about 14,000 Korean Won (about RM77).

Good luck!

It aint heavy.

This stall spotted a long queue. It is selling something like 'ham chi peng' (Hokkien) in Penang. Probably it is nice to eat something hot in the cold weather. 700 Korean Won each.

Headless men walking on the street.

Strawberry seller in NamDaemun market. One packet is about RM10.


chinyin,  March 29, 2008 at 12:12 PM  

wah.. i like the food picture ler... eat so much arr??

tango March 30, 2008 at 6:19 PM  

hungry lei...ya, that was for one person only....

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